Real Estate Auctions: Looking Inside The Game

For most people, good business means having a great deal of profit rolling inside the doors of their homes or offices. How about you, up to what extents will you do just so you can earn a handsome profit out of your investment? What is the best mode that you will take so as to assure good business for you?

There is what we all know as bank foreclosures of real estate properties. These banks foreclosure procedures are nonetheless legitimate and are supported by the laws. Such act is geared towards the advantages of the creditor. The usual cases of repossession of properties happen when the debtor fails to follow the designated terms in the contract of the mortgage.

Being in the business world, the creditor is bound to push through the stipulated terms on the contract. The banks are very strict in repossessing properties when the debtor fails to meet the requirement regarding the payment scheme. One of the most possible proceedings is the property foreclosure.

Bank foreclosures happen all over the world. In the United States itself, since 2005, there is a 38 percent increase in the bank foreclosure of real estate properties on a yearly account. This is deemed to rise up to 72 percent in the upcoming quarters. To draw things vividly, in a scale of 350 houses, the bank forecloses one property.

The banks in turn need to make profit of the foreclosed properties in their hands. They cannot make money on these foreclosed properties if they will not sell them. Therefore, real estate auctions transpire. These banks are connected with a bunch of real estate agencies which in turn announces the sale of the foreclosed real estate properties.

Real estate auctions are settled in one venue wherein the bidders try to offer the highest prices. The bidder who offered the highest rate will be awarded the property. In reality, real estate auctions sell or dispose the properties in legal way and likewise offer affordable rates.

Real estate auctions are made available in several listings which are all credible and legitimate. The online market provides a comprehensive list of the visual representation of the series of real estate auctions.

The banks know for a fact that there are thousands of people who will want to participate in the real estate auctions in relation to their ultimate dream of escaping the burdensome troubles of renting a place. Most people also see the great advantage of buying a new home through the real estate auctions.

The picture behind the offer of the government to provide the employees with housing loans can in fact be turned into a nightmare especially if the person fails to pay his debt in due time.

As the real estate property gets foreclosed, here come the business-eyed and business-minded personals who are too delighted at the news of real estate auctions. The cycle goes on and on thereby making clear that there are individuals who are made to suffer while there are those who are benefited by real estate auctions.

Real Estate Web Design – An Impressive Gateway to Success

How to make an attractive Real Estate Web Design?

Ever since its introduction in the information-world, the Internet has been extending its arms faster and faster everyday. It has not only presented people with a virtually endless pool of information, it has also made things easier. At the present day scenario, vast majority of people have an access to the Internet. It is therefore wise to get an online identity for your real estate business. It can increase your business far beyond your expectation.

There are a variety of websites, with their designs varying accordingly. A web site design for real estate is different from the design of an entertainment or news website. How should your real estate web design be? This is a question that will be answered differently by different real estate website designers. However, the common points which all good real estate website designers agree on are as follows:

Selecting a Good Name

This is the first and foremost step you need to take while starting a website. Your website is your online identity, something by which the online users will know you. Select the name of your domain carefully. Prefer easy to remember names.


The content on your website should be error free. Try to convey as much as possible in a concise content. Your website content should be simple to understand.

Straight Forwardness

Well, now the most important thing to keep in mind! On an average, you have just 15-20 seconds to captivate a visitor who comes to your website. If the website is complicated and a visitor has to struggle for finding something, he’ll most probably move out of your website. Instead of trying new and perplexing methods in your real estate web design, try making it clean and organized. It is even better if all your website pages have the same theme and overall chassis.


Links are very important. They enable a visitor navigate between the different pages of your website. Be sure to link every page to home page, contact information and all other important pages. Place links in a well-organized manner.

Informativeness of the Site

Your website should be informative. Don’t forget to mention the attractive features of the city or town where you serve. Include the listings of the available properties in your website. Keep the information updated. Real estate listing is one of the integral features of successful real estate agent web design.

How a user can contact you.

Your contact number and e-mail address should be mentioned on a separate page. Also indicate the time duration when you are available for contact. If you are unavailable at the specified time, have someone to answer the call on your behalf.

101 Tips for Effective Real Estate Website

1. Never use pronouns like we and us in your website, instead, write a name.

2. Make your visitor comfortable by encouraging his/her confidence in your
website and remove every uncertainty you can.

3. Your website should focus on lead capture rather than drawing useless

4. Offer listings or virtual tour of your website to your visitors.

5. Do not burden your website with too much stuff.

6. You cannot control visitor’s action but try to move them along a preferred

7. Avoid spelling mistakes and other grammatical mistakes in your website

8. Compare your website with the competitor’s website but do not copy.

9. Include a ‘Resource’ section for your website.

10. Add excellent quality articles to your website in order to improve real
estate marketing. Adding articles to your website will make it search engine

11. Improve the keywords on your home page and every other page by following SEO

12. Add useful content in order to attract leads from your website.

13. Try to offer online support using online forms and emails.

14. Publish your press releases.

15. Submit your articles to other article directories.

16. Create a blog for your website and write on it regularly.

17. Add a forum to your website or add link of your website to other forums

18. Add your website to major and minor search engines, so that any person can
see your website.

19. Try to expand your website by adding more of quality content that is not
only appealing but attractive enough to catch visitors to your website.

20. Increase your knowledge of internet technology and the tools you can use to
promote your website.

21. Share your website link with other websites and vice-versa, irrespective of
their page rank.

22. Eliminate all points of attrition present in your website.

23. Use RSS Feeds on your website to provide visitors with fresh news every time
they visit your website.

24. Never relocate your blog once it has been there for a long time.

25. Promote your blog by listing the same in blog directories

26. In order to capture maximum leads from your website, use both online and
offline marketing tools on your website.

27. Get your website address printed on your business card or every postcard you

28. Try to add keywords in hyperlinks as search engines do read the text within

29. Offer an eye catching report about real estate on your website and offer
them to the visitors for free.

30. Offer tips for first time home buyers and other relevant information in your

31. Allow users to choose the option of contacting them by phone or not.

32. If you are losing visitors to your website then add more valuable and useful

33. Use pay per click advertising method for your website. Go for Google AdWords.

34. Work in partnership with other website owners and try to overcome your

35. Never use same real estate strategies on your website as found on others.
Use new strategies of real estate that could not be found on any other website,
as this will help the visitor to remember your website.

36. Design your website for your visitors and not for the competitors.

37. Research the top keywords for your website and dedicate one separate page
for each of the top keywords.

38. Add a sitemap file to your website in order to get listed in search engines.

39. Provide easy navigation to the visitors.

40. Add an html sitemap for your visitors to read and follow the links present
within your website.

41. Use imagination while framing new real estate marketing strategies.

42. Never repeat your real estate strategy.

43. Adopt modern ways of communication in your website.

44. Visitors who sign up on your website must be sent a professional and
enthusiastic message.

45. Provide a clean and simple home page to the visitors.

46. Offer direction to visitors even though they will make their own move.

47. Be interactive with your website visitors.

48. While linking to other websites try to capture the links wisely.

49. Add another website along with your first website, in order to attract other
visitors. Sometimes, the visitors who aren’t satisfied with your first website
may become a lead on your second website.

50. Clean up the unnecessary posts from your blog regularly

51. Ban users from blogs that are real estate agents and are trying to take up
your business.

52. Never post your email address directly on your website otherwise you will be
spammed daily with tons of junk email.

53. Provide your visitors with a free real estate book that should title
something like, “XX Secrets to real estate marketing” or “Make money with real

54. Improve your website’s credibility by making it more attractive and

55. Use every weapon you have got to beat your competitors.

56. Use all the latest technologies on your website but in a wise manner.

57. Add your blog to real estate encyclopedia like Inman Wiki.

58. Improve your website presence by adding your website in each and every
search engine.

59. Check your website statistics and analyze the weak points.

60. Track your website’s visibility using Google Analytics.

61. Spread your website link through emails, blogs, posts, forums, etc.

62. Foremost objective of your website should be lead generation.

63. Provide your visitors the option to create and add pages of their choice.

64. Provide promotional tips to your visitors for free.

65. Make your website Google friendly.

66. Target negative keywords also for your real estate website.

67. While adding articles go for quality and not quantity.

68. Make your website load faster.

69. Reduce the size of images you use on your website.

70. Add Google ads on your website in order to generate revenue.

71. Choose a domain service that offers uninterrupted service with 24 hrs.

72. Provide your visitors a free eBook when they contact you using the contact

73. For a real estate to be effective, answer your customers within the least
possible time and not more than 24 hrs.

74. Provide other valuable downloads to your members.

75. Put pictures of the property you are selling on your website.

76. Point links that are useful to your visitors.

77. Don’t make your website page too lengthy. It should not me more than 1000

78. Provide specific information to the visitor instead of useless and lengthy

79. Include meta tags in your website

80. Target a specific market first instead of targeting the entire country at

81. Be patient while promoting your website as the effects are seen in long

82. Use MLS feeds

83. Provide a Google map of the area or the property you are selling.

84. Allow multiple listing enquiries.

85. Update your website content on a weekly basis.

86. Allow the users to see the listing in one click instead of following a long
path to see a particular listing.

87. Add Google feedback to your website.

88. Add a mortgage calculator to your website.

89. Add testimonials from your past clients so that visitors can learn about
your credibility.

90. Do not use pre-designed templates or frame-based sites as they hurt you on
the search engine rankings.

91. Let the user know about your background by creating an about us or about me

92. Try not to use Flash technology on your website as it also hurts the search
engine rankings.

93. Arrange home buying seminars on your website.

94. Make sure you retain ownership of your website; a lot of web design
companies will own the site even after payment.

95. Do not overwhelm your potential clients with useless cookie cutter articles
provided by a lot of web design companies; instead try giving them useful
content yourself.

96. Gain control on the content of your website. Ask your web designer to give
you the ability to easily edit and add content to the site yourself.

97. Do not use pop-ups to annoy to potential client on your site.

98. Always post your website link within the signature of blogs and message

99. Make sure your website appears on all resolutions without having to scroll

100. Check the site in multiple browsers to ensure browser compatibility.

101. Finally, post your links in any relevant online resource but make sure not
to spam. This will not only help you in your rankings but also build your online